Saturday, June 6, 2015

Disney - Day 5

The boys (espcially Brodie) kept begging to go back to Hollywood Studios for our last park day so they could try to get into the Jedi Training Academy.  I wasn't super excited to do this because I thought it would be a big let down if they didn't get into the academy.  We decided to give it one more try and it ended up being our best day at Disney.  The night before I decided to try to get into the StarWars breakfast one more time.  (There had not been any available tables for several months).  Luckily, someone must have cancelled because there was a table available for 10:30 the next day!  I was hoping this was a good sign or maybe just a good back up plan if the boys were let down from not getting into the Jedi training.
We got to the park 45 minutes before it opened and there was already a line.  Luckily, we still got a spot for both boys in the training.
Waiting for the training to begin

Learning the Jedi skills

Uh oh, who's coming?

Darth Vader

He's talking smack to the padawans

Isaac is going to take him on

Nice job Isaac!

Brodie's turn

Uh oh the storm troopers are attacking now too!

Don't worry, Brodie's got this!

The force is strong in this one


The boys had a blast!  Their parents did also!  We went to the Star Wars breakfast after that.  It was like a mini drive in theater with Star Wars characters walking around.

Of course the movie showing is a Star Wars movie

and the food is Star Wars

The jawas picked up Abel's phone and eventually too a selfie

Jawa selfie

It was a great breakfast!

We went to the Typhoon Lagoon water park that afternoon.

This is what we saw when we walked in.  
The boys weren't tall enough for all of the slides, but we had fun in the wave pool and lazy river!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Disney Day 4 - Epcot

We went to Epcot on our 4th day of Disney fun.  This was probably our least favorite park, but we still had a lot of fun!
Here's how each day started...waiting for the bus

Brodie working hard to hold up that ball.

Fun with water

Our fast passes used on this day included, Crush Talk (the kids got to talk with and ask questions to Crush from Nemo), Soarin which was a cool ride where we felt like we were flying above California, and The Seas with Nemo and Friends.  There weren't near as many people at Epcot, so the lines weren't very long for any of the rides when we were there.  
The boys being eaten by Bruce


We ate the Coral Reef restaurant, but were disappointed in the food and environment.  It wasn't nearly as cool as I thought it would be. 

This is how each park day ended - waiting for the bus plus a little fun. 

We ate that night at Raglan Road Irish Pub and that was fantastic!  The food and environment were fabulous!!

Favorites from the day:
Brodie: Soarin and Living with the Land (a boat ride through the Disney gardens with all kinds of vegetables, fruits, and neat ways of growing them) .
Isaac:  Living with the Land
Abel:  Soarin
Mesha: Soarin and Living off the Land

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Disney - Day Three

On day three, we went to Magic Kingdom and we could tell as the bus was pulling up, this day was going to be different.  There were people everywhere!!  We used our fast passes for splash mountain, buzz light year's space range spin, and peter pan's flight. We all loved splash mountain, really enjoyed the buzz light year ride, and the peter pan flight we thought was OK.  They all had long lines, so the fast pass was helpful.    It was another hot day, so splash mountain felt wonderful!

Ready to start the day!

We had a little time before our first fast pass, so we went to "Captain Jack Sparrow's Pirate Tutorial."  Jack came and got kids from the audience to be a part of the show.  Brodie wanted to go up, but Isaac didn't. 
Here comes Jack
Captain Jack looking for volunteers

Isaac's not so sure he wants to participate, but Brodie steps up.

Getting some instruction from Captain Jack

At the end, Jack asked for other kids to come on stage to take the pirate pledge.  Isaac hesitantly agreed to go up.

Here's a picture of Isaac's hair - Jack wasn't so sure of it


Jack checking out Isaac's hair
Jack trying to flatten Isaac's hair.
We also had a character breakfast at the Crystal Palace.  It was a buffet and the food wasn't fantastic, but the boys loved meeting the characters (you definitely need to make a reservation here if you want to eat here - the line was enormous!)

And here is Splash Mountain! 
Here's the sign at the top before getting on the boat.

The ride has lots of climbs and drops.  The final drop is the biggest and the funnest.  This is at the beginning of the big drop off. 

Brodie's favorite ride/activity:  Buzz Lightyear ride and Splash Mountain and Jack Sparrow's training.
Isaac's: Buzz Lightyear ride and Splash Mountain
Abel:  Jack Sparrow training
Mom:  Splash Mountain and Captain Jack Sparrow Show.