Monday, February 19, 2018

Hair Cut!

The boys got their first barber hair cut recently at a Sports Clips.

The boys got a free shampoo, warm towel, and massage chair for their first cut. 

One of them loved it!
And the other one did not!

Brodie loved his hair cut and has been styling his hair for school!

Isaac did not like anything about the experience and really didn't want a picture to remember the day!  I'm sure he will sit still for Abel now for all future hair cuts!

Friday, February 9, 2018

Universal Studios

We had a great, warm time in Orlando over winter break!

Our vacation got started with a little hiccup in the emergency room before we left home.  Isaac fractured a bone in his elbow the evening before we left and Isaac and I were in the emergency room for hours the night before we left. 

They put a splint on him though, so Isaac was ready to go the next morning.  I, wasn't so bright eyed. 

We finally made it to Orlando and Harry Potter World at Universal Studios!

The goblins would talk and move!

We got to ride on the Hogwarts Express!

We went to Honeydukes and the boys were excited to get Chocolate Frogs!
The frogs didn't jump, but they did come with cards!

These are the cards they got in their chocolate frogs.

We stood in a lot of long lines for rides!  The rides were awesome and there was some entertainment along the way!

There was a photo session that came with our tickets.  I wasn't so sure about it, but it was kind of fun to do!

All of the places in the video were apart of Universal Studios.  We went to all of them. 

Saturday, September 16, 2017

New Home, New School, New Job, New Friends, Same God!

Oh my!  Looking back over the last year, it was a tough year!  But God is good!  All the time!  And we are so happy to be in Hastings!  The boys are adjusting well to their new school and making some great friends.  They don't necessarily love some of the teachers, but they are happy overall!

Brodie is playing tackle football for the first time.  His mother isn't so happy about it, but he seems to like it so far.  He is still waiting to play his first game.

Isaac has had two flag football games.  He is the only player that has caught a pass in a game (one for a two point conversion) and he was the leading tackler (flag grabber) today. 

Isaac and some of his buddies after football practice. 

Both boys are making friends and have had fun having friends come over to play. 

Bishop and Isaac having fun as super heroes

Of course there is a lot of football being played

Some foosball with accompanying music

Laser tag - Jace hiding behind a poop pillow
All the boys checking out the bugs Isaac and Jace caught

They also caught some toads
Jace and Isaac waiting for the football players to return to the field after  half time

Brodie and his buddies at the high school football game

Tough guys
I like this picture because Jace was holding a toad for me to take a picture of and it jumped away (you can barely see it  jumping out of his hands)

Monday, July 10, 2017

A Great Day!

Abel had the 4th of July off and we had a great day!  We loaded up the bikes and headed to the park. 

I was chasing Isaac all day.  Obviously I have not been riding my bike all over our property this summer like he has!

Brodie was trying to figure out his first bike with gears to shift, but I think overall we had a great time!!

Trying out frisbee golf

We didn't make it through all of the holes because it started pouring. 

We played a few games of parents vs kids trivia and had lots of fun!

We then went and watched the minion movie!  It was a fun, fun day!  It seems like we haven't had many days this year where we can have fun as a family, so it was an extra fun day!

Sunday, June 11, 2017


We had a great week away in Mexico!  It was a great get away after a stressful year!  The weather was great and we had a ton of fun!

Sunrise on the first morning

Brodie checking out the water

Lazy river!

We had fun at the beach also!

We had fun on some jet skis!

I found a new favorite food...Mexican shrimp cocktail!!

We had a fantastic time!
The boys reading Calvin and Hobbs on the way home! 
Last night, after we got home late, Isaac got out of bed shortly after laying down for the night.  He asked, "if we have to move again, can we move to Mexico?"   I think that sums up our trip pretty well!!