Saturday, September 13, 2014


It is soccer season!!  I was planning on bringing the camera to the game today, but I forgot.  So the iphone had to the work.  Isaac played first.  I think the kids on the other team were all twice as big as him.  And in usual Isaac form, he didn't back down.  At one point one of the big kids from the other team is running down the field, ahead of everyone else, and I yell, "go get him Isaac!"  And apparently he took me literally because he caught up with him and tried to grab him from behind.  I gently reminded him that he couldn't tackle in soccer.  Later the big kids were pushing him around and at a quarter break, Isaac looks over to me and punches his hand and says, "I'm going to get them!"  I'm thinking, as long as you don't tackle them. 

Here's what we do in between games

Brodie's turn!  We love his coach this year! 

Brodie scored 3 times and his team dominated the other team, but I didn't get many pictures because Isaac was playing on my phone :(

Now it's time to cheer on the Huskers!
Brodie and I watching the game before bed!  Go Big Red!

It was a great day....only would have been better if Abel could have been with us instead of working!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Zoo, Huskers, and a First Day of School!

We've had a fun month!  Isaac and I had a little one on one time with Brodie at school and Dad at work.  We went to the zoo and Isaac had fun at the new petting zoo.

The tigers were really active and got into the pool to cool down

The puppies got a little extra from love from Isaac.

We drove to Lincoln for the first Husker game and we were very happy that Brodie got to see his first Husker win!

Go Big Red!
We had fun playing with Emma and Ellie and got to watch Emma play soccer!

Emma's team won the tournament for her division!
Isaac had his first day of preschool!  He's such a big guy now.  There was not any hesitation in his step this year! 

He loves preschool!  I've got to try to soak up all this preschool fun before kindergarten starts next year! 

It snowed here this week (on September 11th) and there was frost on the ground this morning.  Yikes!  I better start getting in the fall mindset before winter gets here!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Lego Birthday Party

Brodie had a great birthday party, although he thinks it went by way too fast. 

Brodie reading a birthday card

Check out Isaac shooting a marshmallow at Tommy

Isaac helping Brodie show off his presents

Everyone working on legos!

It was a great afternoon!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Birthday Party

Tomorrow is the big day....Brodie's first friend birthday party.  We're keeping it small this year.  Brodie only invited 2 friends.  He is having a lego party.  So, we decided to incorporate that into our invitations.  Brodie put together a lego helicopter and then we wrote the details of the party on it and then he tore it back apart to be mailed. 

He told his friends at school today that the party was going to be awesome, so hopefully it will be!

First Day of First Grade!

We survived the first day of first grade.  I didn't think I would be emotional for first grade....I was.  It didn't help that I was tired from Abel and I both being on call earlier in the week.  Plus Brodie didn't get the teacher he wanted and we found out last night he didn't have any of his best friends in his class.  It's a good thing Brodie doesn't get upset because then I would really worry. 

I just love this guy so much and I hope he continues to love school!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

New Mexico!

We had a great trip to New Mexcio!  We traveled with the Goeken clan and camped along the way.

Lets get this party started!

The cousins had a great time together!

We played hard and slept hard!

Packing up the tent after the first night

Brodie turned 7 on the trip!

I had great plans for the evening of Brodie's birthday, but apparently God had other plans as there was a bad storm and we didn't get to camp.   We did get to go on a great hike on his birthday!  We hiked at Rifle Gap State Park in Colorado and the water fall was beautiful!

This is where we camped the first night.

our first hike at Rifle Gap!

Do you see the lizard?

Blake photobombing the boy's photo :)

Our only picture of our entire camping gang!
After the hike, it was time to get on the road again!  We went through the mountains and it was beautiful!
Isaac loved hanging out with Jade!

The third day we hiked at Mesa Verde and visited the amazing cliff dwellings!

Blake didn't like this hike so well.  Can you see him in this pic?

The girls!
The guys!

We finally made it to New Mexico on our third day!  I finally got to meet Abel's Aunt's, Uncles, and cousins! 
The kids all loved Aunt Chica!

Ahh... there is Grandma!

Abel and Grandma catching up after 10 years!

We went to watch an American Indian performance

We stopped for ice cream along the way and Grandma is still eating hers :)

It was so good to see Grandma Byerly again!
We hiked at El Morro in New Mexico and it was a beautiful hike!

There's the other half of our group

My hiking buddy for the day, Ellie

Aunt Rosa and the kids listening to the history of El Morro!
We did a few other things besides camp.

We went to the zoo.

Cassidy got her ears pierced for her birthday.

And we just caught up on many lost years!
Abel and his Aunt Chica

Fun playing

Cassidy getting her nails done by Jess

Now it's Ellie's turn

Kenzie, Jade and their Great Uncle Ron

And then it was time to pack up and head for home

Ellie helping Abel put up the tent

Fun by the campfire

Isaac always wanted Jade to sit by him

Isaac eating a little breakfast

Getting ready for our last hike on this trip

We had a fantastic vacation and made great memories!