Monday, November 10, 2014

Winter Weather

After our early snowfall, we've had a very mild and beautiful fall.....until today.  It went from early fall weather to mid-winter weather overnight.  Thankfully we had gotten most of the winterizing of our house done already.  We hadn't gotten any wood brought up to the house yet, so the guys took care of that today.

Before Isaac went outside (the frigid cold outside), he says to me, "you just do what you've got to do...if you need to vomit, just go vomit and then come back and do what you've got to do."   I have no idea what he's talking about, but it was so cute because he was very serious about it.  I had said I was going to get his and Brodie's stuff ready for swimming, so maybe he thought that was very important work :)
Going to load up some wood

Isaac loves to help

 It is so nice to have a fire going!

Isaac is ready for swimming!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Proud Parents

We've had a good week.  They boys are taking swimming lessons.  I was worried they would have trouble because they haven't taken lessons in a year and because we haven't been swimming in quite awhile.  I was wrong.  They boys are doing great!  Isaac doesn't have any fear this year and Brodie just swims laps like it is no problem.  He is happy because he can jump dive now also.  Abel and I were watching lessons earlier in the week and he looks at me and says, "we have good kids."  Yes, we do.  We have been so blessed!

After a long, stressful day at work, I came home to a very excited Brodie.  He was given the award for student of the month at school (of course he got the award on the morning that we realized we left his homework on the kitchen table when we were half way to school.  He was a few minutes late getting to school because we had to go back and get it.  He got the award in front of the whole school and he told me, "I'm surprised they still gave me the award since I was late").  Brodie wanted to dress up for school today because he said he had to get his picture taken for being student of the month.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween Fun

We went back to Lincoln for Halloween and had a ton of fun!!

We went to Roca Berry Farm...
Digging for dinosaur bones

Duck races

Climbing hay mountains

Trying to find a pumpkin

We loved jumping!

We had lunch with Grandma!

We had a ton of fun with a scary Halloween dinner at the Hains followed by trick or treating!  It was a great night!  Thanks so much!

Emma's eating the hot dog fingers

Yummy Halloween cake
The three young ones ready to trick or treat.
 A little work had to be done on Emma before she was ready...

Now she's ready

We also went to the football game (at least part of it before Isaac got sick and we had to leave)

Silly boys having fun

Heading home.  Husker stocking hat on top of his headphones.

Fall Fun

Abel was gone for a few days for a conference out of town.  So, the boys and I tried to stay as busy as possible to help the time go by faster.

Isaac is getting really good at climbing trees!

We went to lunch with Brodie

We had our last soccer games of the year

The boys both had great last games!

We went to the Ellison's for a Halloween party and had a great time!

We decorated pumpkins

We played some broomstick limbo

We decorated some rice krispy pumpkins (and ate those)

Brodie had to make sure his costume was ready for Halloween
Brodie won best hat at school on jersey and hat day

We went to lego club at the Library

Both boys had a lot of fun!

They were supposed to make a creature and this is Brodie's (still in progress)

Isaac decided to make a house and only got the foundation done

Isaac had fun making an "I" poster for school
We had lots of fun, but we really missed Abel and were so glad when he got home!