Monday, July 27, 2015

More Mexico Fun!

Grandpa and Grandma joined us for a few days on vacation!  Thank goodness they finally got there because the boys kept asking everyday when they were coming, as if their parents were chopped liver! :)

Grandma went on an ultralight ride for her birthday!


We tried to hurry down the beach to get a good picture of her, but we weren't quite fast enough.

There she goes

Reading a bedtime story

We had a great time!

It was a great, relaxing weekend!

Friday, July 24, 2015


We had a wonderful relaxing, refreshing, sun filled vacation in Mexico!

We were happy to be by the sea eating good mexican food after the long trip!

First day at the beach!

My guys enjoying the pool

The boys enjoyed being able to have a soda with meals on vacation!

Brodie reading to Isaac

Playing soccer on the beach

Brodie found a new Sports Bar which we all enjoyed

Brodie really liked the flower in my ear that a boy his age made

Can you see the boys having fun out in the water?

We had a lot of fun in the pool also:


Isaac jumping off the side of the pool

Cannon Ball!
I love my husband!

Isaac diving for Daddy's watch

Both boys jumping in the pool!

Monday, July 20, 2015

More summer fun!

The boys made a mud puddle they decided to play in: 

We had a great weekend at Maranatha Bible camp:

The boys rode on the bus without us.  

The boys played some soccer

Isaac went on stage to help lead the singing/dancing

The boys helped act out some Bible stories

The boys with some of their cabin mates.  Abel was on of their cabin leaders

My cabin of girls

It was a great weekend learning about Jesus!

We waited in some long lines to go to the pool

We've had lots of rain!
We've all went to bed exhausted many times this summer!

Sunday, July 19, 2015


We've had a fantastic summer so far and have done more than go to Disney!

We played a little baseball in between all the rain.  Apparently I was too cold at the games to take any pictures.
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The boys had a great time at VBS!

This is the video they showed at church at VBS:


We did a color fun run!

Before the run (after the initial coloring)



After the run!
The boys also participated in the British soccer camp.  We had three of the coaches stay at our house for the week!  It was a fantastic week!

Isaac is going against all of the other kids.  They are meeting to make a plan to stop him.  He doesn't look worried.

He's almost to the goal. 

The morning gang

Isaac getting his certificate

Brodie getting his certificate

Now it's time for the water fight

Wait, this mother is not involved in the water fight!

Jordan is one of the coaches that stayed with us
We took the coaches to the monument.  

and the movies
It was a great week!