Sunday, June 26, 2016

Husker Football Camp!

We had a fun trip to Lincoln this week!  Brodie and his buddy Braxton went to the Husker football camp and had a blast.  We got to stay at Grandpa and Grandma Buman's and we got to hang out with Emma, Ellie, and Jodi also!

It was a long drive from Mitchell

But it was definitely worth the trip

The boys wanted to play football after sitting in the car so long!

Making plans to try and beat the adults

Abel, Isaac, and Grandpa
The boys loved the lightening bugs (we don't have them on our side of the state).  We had two nights of entertainment from them

Reading stories before bed

Braxton kept saying, "I'm really going to miss you when you move,  Brodie"  

Ready for camp

Best buddies!

Josh Kalu - cornerback

Ozigbo - running back who was Brodie's coach

Mark Phillip - strength coach

Isaac cooling off 

Brodie doing a throwing drill

Braxton and Isaac checking out the frogs

Isaac getting some good play time in

The boys loved playing Chinese checkers

Time for to catch some more lightening bugs

We actually caught them the second night 

The bugs actually survived their night of containment.  

Ready for day two of camp1

Pierson-El (Brodie's favorite player)

Josh Banderas

Chris Jones - he was talking to Brodie about whether or not he should  go see "Finding Dory"

Brodie was very proud of his signed shirt

We went to Buffalo Wild Wings and had a fun meal

Ellie and Jodi joined us

Grandpa and Grandma were there also, so we had lots of fun!

We got to watch Emma play softball.  The boys were really impressed with her skills

The boys playing at our new house

Ice cream break on the way home

We had a great, memorable week!  

Monday, June 20, 2016


Isaac got to play pitcher this week in t-ball, so he finally got some action.  Of course, the kid playing first wasn't paying attention half the time and the other half the time was afraid of the ball.  So, I was afraid for him the entire inning :).  Thank goodness there weren't any casualties!

Here's some pictures from Brodie's tournament in Casper last weekend!  That was a great tournament.  Cute town with beautiful views and a beautiful baseball set up!