Thursday, October 23, 2014

School picture!

Brodie's first grade school picture:

We are looking forward to a fun, busy weekend followed by an even funner Halloween weekend!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fun Fall Weekend!

Brodie and Isaac had the day off from school Friday and Abel got the day off, so we enjoyed a great 3 day fall weekend!  We made a quick trip to Colorado Friday to stock up at Costco and to get our skis and snowboard for winter (Isaac was the only one to get a snowboard, although Abel and I may have to give it a try this year)!  The boys are so excited to be back out on the slopes. Isaac's snowboard is quite a bit bigger this year, so I hope he can handle it. 

Check out what Isaac's snowboard says.  Brodie doesn't think it is so funny :)

Isaac is so excited to snowboard again.  Every morning since we've gotten his board, he has gotten up and put on his board before he does anything else.  All we need now is a little snow!

Saturday, we went to a Halloween fun run.  Isaac wasn't sure he wanted to run before hand, but he sure seemed to be having fun when everyone was cheering for him at the end!
Ready to race

Not too sure he wants to race

My loves!

There goes Brodie.  He had his first lesson in what happens when you start a race a little too fast

Here comes Isaac!  Unfortunately I missed Brodie's finish because I didn't break off from him soon enough to get a picture.

He sure looks like he is having fun here!

Fun in the bouncy house after the race

Saturday, the boys both had soccer games. 

The boys continue to love soccer!

Today we went to church.  After church, I was making chocolate chip waffles and Abel was working outside.  The boys had fun playing football outside.

I tried to get a nice fall picture, but that didn't go quite as planned. 

The boys found a cute baby bull snake. 

They boys had a lot of fun playing outside!

It was a fantastic weekend! 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

This and That

We've had a good fall.  We're back into the swing of school, enjoying some football, and trying to get as much outdoor fun as possible before it get colder out!

Brodie and I watching a little Husker football when Dad is at work and Isaac was sleeping

Snake skin in the front yard.  I guess we didn't get rid of all the snakes. 

Abel had a week off of work and got to eat lunch with Brodie a few times during the school week.  One day they went out and even got some ice cream!

Does the rainbow end on our house?

We got to join the 'pray around the flagpole' at school

Making pizzas with friends!

We went back to Pawnee City for a wedding.  We stayed at a hotel with a pool and a lot of fun!

Here comes Brodie

and there he goes


The yellow slide was really fast and here comes Brodie flying out

Wedding fun:

Abel and Isaac watching Brodie's soccer practice

Trying to entertain Isaac at Brodie's practice by letting him take pictures

We've had some great sunrises and sunsets lately. 

We even had a double rainbow

Poor Simba got fixed this week

Isaac giving Simba some love