Monday, January 26, 2015

Winter Days

Isaac and I have been going to story time at the local library and having a great time!  Isaac enjoys hanging out in the library after story time!

Brodie is having fun playing basketball.  He's so happy his team is undefeated. 
Here he comes in the maroon.
Isaac can't wait until his season starts and he can play instead of watching his brother
I'm not sure if the dogs or humans like the fire better
Isaac loves his lego box
It has finally warmed up a little so we can go play outside!

I got some pop tops for New Years, but didn't use.  So we had fun with them on a nice day

Simba didn't like it too much

Sleeping good with his soccer shoes after a day of fun!

Brodie has been home sick today.  We got out Abel's Calvin and Hobbs comic books and he loves them!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Christmas/New Year's Continued...

We went to the other side of the state for Christmas and had a wonderful time!

The boys opening their presents from us before heading to Lincoln

Christmas Eve was at Grandpa and Grandma Buman's.  Time to open presents!

Isaac's face is blurred here, but you get the sense of his excitement 

Isaac was so excited for his wonderful presents!

Getting cookies ready for Santa

Presents from Santa!
A fun game of "Apples to Apples"  I wasn't too sure about this game, but it turns out it was a lot of fun!
Christmas at Great Grandma Buman's

It was snowing in Scottsbluff on Christmas day, but luckily for us it was beautiful in Pawnee City

playing catch

We went to the Goekens the day after Christmas and had some more fun!
An intense game of chess

Silly selfies


Mackenzie didn't like her Justin Beiber wrapping paper

The kids can hardly wait to open the presents

Brodie's giant present :)
 There were a few boxes inside the giant present...

Yet another present inside a present.  Brodie is excited to open it. 

and another one...

Papa is enjoying this I think

Finally, he got to the present...poop
Mumum was worried Brodie would be upset, but he's still smiling

It was a great night!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Christmas/New Year's

Brodie went back to school today.  I was a little sad to see him walk back into those school doors, but we did have a ton of fun over his Christmas break!

We've had plenty of snow and definitely had a white Christmas!  We've had some beautiful mornings where everything has been covered in ice.

Brodie made us some wonderful presents at school that we will cherish for awhile I'm sure!

Isaac showing off Brodie's present

I think my favorite Christmas activity is opening up a piece of the nativity each night.  We started it last year and I wasn't sure the boys would like to do it for a second year, but they looked forward to it each night.  
Brodie opening the day's envelope

Reading the Bible verse that goes with that days piece

Finding out what that days nativity piece is