Sunday, September 18, 2016

Go Big Red!

We had a blast at the Nebraska - Oregon game yesterday.  Emma and Ellie went to the game also, so we had a ton of fun!

Walking to the game!

Ready for the game!

Better now.  It's hard to tell it was a sell out.  Everyone went into the air conditioning for half time.

Huskers win!

The boys are stoked.  I think the girls are still a little shocked  after watching a game with their aunt.  

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Signs of Autumn

I love the fall, but I still get a little sad when I start seeing signs of fall appear because that means summer is over and winter is not too far away!

There are a few leaves that are starting turn at home. I am excited to see what all the trees look like after they have turned, but I was still sad to these yellow ones.

I finally got our yearly (not on the first day of school) pictures of the boys in their large shirts with their graduating year.  

Another sure sign of fall is football and we have been having a great time going to games so far.  Hopefully we can say the same after the Oregon game.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Eastern Nebraska

We are slowly getting settled in eastern Nebraska.  We have actually been calling this house "home" a lot quicker than we did the one in Mitchell.

We've went to the zoo a couple of times and had fun!   We love the baby tigers!

Our own animals have had to adjust to the new home and the dogs still aren't sure what to think of the cat.

Isaac loves Flynn!

We've also been loving the views and wildlife!

Vultures eating a dead skunk

Deer on my run

Momma turkey and her babies

We've had some beautiful sunsets that the camera doesn't do justice

Deer in the backyard

I'm betting we will hate these turkey someday, but they sure are cute now

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Family photos in Scottsbluff

I wanted to get some family picture taken with the bluffs in the background before we left and I think Sara did a good job.  There's not a family one I love, but I do love most of the others.  The boys were especially crazy that evening, so I once again am impressed that there are any pictures of the boys looking at the camera!

These three pictures may sum up the entire experience.

The boys being crazy, but it's really not a bad picture

The boys being crazy again and Abel and I just holding on for the ride

I'm not sure what happened here, but I think I'm nearly crying from laughing so hard.

Isaac being silly

Apparently something is really funny

Brodie being silly

Here are a few of the good ones

I love this one of Isaac

I love this of Isaac and I.  Too bad there's not a similar one with Brodie

Me and my boys!

I love this one of my guys!

This had the potential to be good...

This is a great one of the boys

I love this one of Brodie

This one is growing on me

I like this one of the boys also