Thursday, February 26, 2015

Science Fair!

Brodie had his science fair for school tonight!  It was actually a lot of fun.  Brodie's topic was, "What's the Big Deal About Deflategate?"  Since his topic was about football, he had no problem talking to everyone that came around to his station. 

Setting everything up before school

Ready to discuss his experiment (throwing, catching, and kicking under inflated and properly inflated footballs)

Brodie and his first grade teacher, Mrs. Kearns

We had a great time.  Hopefully it will be as fun every year!

Cub Scout Pinewood Derby Race!

Brodie had his first Pinewood Derby race Sunday and it ended up being a great day!  It started out a little rough as it was obviously our first race. 

Justin and Brodie ready for the race!
 His car passed weigh in right on target for 5.0 ounces.  Then they announced that you could graphite the wheels before each race and we saw people pull out these fancy graphite applicators that had pointy ends to squirt the graphite into the wheels. We didn't have any of those fancy graphite applicators.  The thought passed through my head at that time that we might be in trouble. 
Brodie's car is the blue one with the number 18

Ready for the trial running

And then it was time for the real race!

Setting up the cars

Ready for the first race
Jeremy and Isaac having fun watching the races

His car got to go 8 times and they totaled the times.  There were 4 cars in each race.  Brodie's car came in 4th the first 4 races and he was not very happy.  In fact he was very, very upset.  Some of the other kids could care less if they came in last, but poor Brodie really wanted to win.  

Some wonderful soul (one of the scout leaders) felt bad that Brodie had worked so hard and was so upset about losing.  She graphited his wheels without telling him and then he got first place, first place, second place, second place.  He was much happier after that! 

This was after his first win!
Life is much better now!

All done!
All in all it was a great day.  We were very proud of Brodie for not giving up even when he was losing every race.  I won't lie and say my heart wasn't breaking when Brodie was crying, because it was.  I was just very happy that someone helped us out a little.  Brodie is ready to build a winning car next year and I guarantee we will have a fancy graphite applicator!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Valentine's Day

We had a great Valentine's weekend!  The boys both had Valentine's Day parties at their school.  We had a lot of fun making their valentine's this year and I think both boys were happy with the final product. 

Isaac made Valentines that had dinosaurs and an erupting volcano. 

Setting up the volcano and dinosaurs

Isaac adding water to the volcano

Here comes the lava

So much fun!

Brodie went with the football theme for Valentine's Day.

He gave out football pencils and football helmet pencil toppers. 

We got a package in the mail for Valentine's Day from Grandpa and Grandma and the boys were so excited!

The boys were so excited to open the present, they tore apart the box

"What is it?"

Gumball machines that really work!  The boys have been loving getting m & m's and gum out all week!

Derby Race!

It's the night before the Derby Car Race for Cub Scouts!  We've been working very hard and hopefully are ready for the big race!!

Brodie's block of wood ready to be turned into a car

Isaac wanted in on the fun

One last look before the sawing begins

Figuring out where we need to cut

Brodie marking what needs to be cut

The block of wood is gone and now we have a car shape!

Spray painting it Bronco Blue

Have you caught onto what theme Brodie is going for?

Smoothing out the axles

Weighing the car parts before putting it together

Weighing in just under 5 ounces...perfect

Trying it out

Hopefully it will race good tomorrow.  Really we just hope Brodie has a lot of fun!  We are proud that he worked so hard on every step!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Love my Guys!!

It was beautiful outside today and we had a great day!

Isaac helped Abel clean out the grill and get it ready for spring!

Isaac is such a good helper!

Brodie had to do a research project for school about penguins.  He had to present it to the entire first grade and use a visual aid.  He got picked to present it to the school board for their "Sharing of Excellence."  We went to the school board meeting last night and Brodie was a little nervous, but you couldn't tell.  He did fantastic!!

We are so proud!

He was happy also when we went for ice cream after.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Super Bowl Weekend!

We were supposed to be skiing this weekend, but we all ended up sick so we stayed home to take it easy.
We've had a pretty laid back week. 
Isaac enjoying story time at the library

Isaac waiting patiently for preschool to start

Maybe not so patiently

We started working on our Valentine's, Brodies science fair project (which involves footballs), and Brodie's derby car (I'm not sure if Daddy or Brodie is more excited for the derby car :).
Isaac working on his Valentine's

We also made some bouncy balls to help pass the time stuck at home
We're ready for the Super Bowl!  I think Isaac is yelling, "Go Seahawks!"

Here's our Super Bowl picture from last year:
2/2/14: Seahawks 43  Broncos 8